We are a leading Business Office Automation Service provider with the vision to offer integrated solutions to business enterprises that enable them to do more with their documents. Our expertise lies in providing innovative and value-focused services and solutions which addresses the needs of our customers. With a team of skilled professionals who have years of experience, we are committed to making your content management system easy, reliable, and most importantly secure for your business.

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Myoperator IVRS & Toll free

With our IVRS TELEPHONE Office SYSTEMS you will be able to bring in potential customers by helping your business achieve the same – authenticity and sophistication. It will also provide your existing customer with delightful experience with lesser call time and easier automated instructions. And the best part is that it works 24/7. So if your office does not work on weekends or any particular day, you can set up a pre-recorded message letting them know that the office is closed and you will reach out to them on the next working day. Like we said earlier, delightful customer experience!

gst software
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Vypar GST Software

Vyapar GST Software for Mobile & Desktop is going to make this effortless. It helps in GST Invoice filing, detailed calculations of SGST, CGST or IGS, also sends reminders for your payment and much more. We are verified distributors of Vyapar GST Software and software is available at most reasonable & competitive price on our platform.

Bulk sms
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Bulk Voice & Text SMS

Communicating with your users and potential customer through voice and text SMS Want to call or text a particular message to a large number of people with much hassle? The cost involved in doing so is very high if you use your service provider let alone the hard work and time required. It is not easy and also the chances that you might reach out to DND (Do Not Disturb) service users is high. Worry not, we provide Bulk Voice and Text SMS services. Record your messages to be conveyed or send text to be converted to speech and we will help your voice to reach a larger audience. You can also send bulk text SMS. Data for bulk voice and text SMS can be provided by you or can be purchased from the list of our database.

Visitor/Employee Management

Know who goes in and out of your office!

Do you worry about who goes in and out of your office or about whether your employees are punctual or not? These are small things yet can affect your office productivity in a big way.

NexAEI services will ease your worry about having an attendance record for the employees as well as visitors. No more manual records which requires a dedicated human personnel. This deducts the cost to your company on Human Resource even if it is for a single person while helping avoid any omissions or errors in the record.



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