myofficebiz Job works Application form

Application invited for job works at Grama Panchayath areas.

Requirements: –

  1.  Laptop or Desktop with windows 10 OS latest version
  2. Biometric device Make: Logitech FM220U/MantraMFS100
  3. Colour Printer with scanner
  4. suitable UPS backup for field work
  5. computer typing knowledge with Nudi Kannada keyboard
  6. Willing to work with assigned work.
Ex:- Saketh t, Saketh Patel t, Saketh Gowda
Karnataka state only
Privacy Policy: - My Office Biz protects your privacy of data submitted. No correspondence is entertained in this regard. 1.Applications submitted to us are the property of My Office Biz. 2.Application acceptance/rejection is the sole discrimination of My Office Biz. 3.Successful candidates were informed to concerned email only. 4. Applications accepted ONLINE only; any applicant violates this, those application will not be considered for finalization process.
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