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Our Services

1.Abez Digital Locks,
2.Vyapar GST Software for Mobile & Desktop,
3.NexAEI visitor Management,
4.My operator – IVRS Telephone Office System
5. PAN Utility
6. Passport Services( New/Re-new)
7. Bulk SMS services
8. All Vehicle/Health/Life Insurance
9. Ayushman Bharath
10. ITI eSeva
11. Fastag
12. AEPS
13. Flight Ticket
14. GST Service
15. ITR Service
16. eMudra Digital Signature

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My Office Biz Blog

my office biz

Be ahead of your competitor and get first-mover advantage by adopting automation. Office automation will help your organisation to improve productivity while saving both time and money, in addition to this automation requires less human effort that mean lesser human errors – a perfect recipe to successful business.

When it comes to office automation we are the specialist and your go-to office automation service provider.


1. My Operator  Office IVR setup   2.  My Operator  Cloud call centre setup     3. Abez    AM30   4. Abez    AM20     5. Abez    BM16   5. Abez   BM10  6. Abez CR20    7. Abez  CR22    8. Nexaei Visitor management system    STARTER    9. Nexaei Visitor management system    PREMIUM    10. Nexaei Visitor management system ENTERPRISE    11.Nexaei Visitor management system  EMPAL BASIC  12. Nexaei Visitor management system GPS
13. Nexaei Visitor management system   Basic + GPS EmPal Basic + EmPal GPS  14. Nexaei Visitor management system  EmPower Pack    15. Nexaei Visitor management system EmbarQ     16. Nexaei Visitor management system Hourly  17. Nexaei Visitor management system   PayCalQ   18.Vyapar G S T Software  Mobile Basic  19.Vyapar G S T Software    Mobile Saver     20. Vyapar G S T Software    Desktop Basic   21.Vyapar G S T Software    Desktop Basic Plus       22.Vyapar G S T Software Desktop Saver  23. Vyapar G S T Software  Desktop Lifetime  24. Bulk SMS    

Shortly Introducing Office system Monitoring Softwares

click here to know the details of available softwares and Tutorials